There are times in our lives when being stretched and challenged can be a good thing. Today, I decided to be challenged by participating in a 30-day Blog challenge. Yep. I did that. It’s part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge that’s taking place in this Facebook Group.

My goal during this challenge is to just show up, share my thoughts and wisdom about being a stepmom, a parent, a wife and a business owner. Why? Because I wear all those hats and many more.

When we don’t stretch or challenge ourselves, we don’t get to see what we’re made of. It’s not always fun, but it can be surprising.

Let’s see if I can sustain this blogging for the entire month.

What have you been challenged with lately? Where have you been stretched? Share below and I’ll be happy to encourage you along your journey.

Follow #BlogBoost to see who else is participating in this challenge. You might just read some very interesting blog posts.