There is only one day left in the first month of the new year. Incredible how fast time goes by. I feel like I’ve not done much, yet I know that is not true.

A lot has changed in the last 30 days, more than I ever imagined. My goal is to document those changes as they come.

Why am I doing this? I was inspired by a few people recently that have been sharing some of their moments in their lives in order to inspire and motivate others.

That is what I’m all about – Hope, Inspiration, and Motivation.

Too often, we hear negativity all around us; in the news, on social media, at the office, at home. Wouldn’t it be nice for a change to read more inspiring stories that can help you move you from struggling to surviving and then from Surviving to THRIVING?

This is a year of change for myself and my family. And through the changes I go through, I’m hoping to help you and inspire you as well.
I’m not making any promises as to how often I will be writing, but I do know that the more responses I get, the more motivated I will be (HINT.)

I’m not planning on oversharing as I don’t believe this is the proper place for it, but I do want to share part of the wonderful journey that is about to unfold for me as for my family.

I’m all about building relationships. I love talking about effective communication, dealing with conflict and building stronger and healthier relationships. Does that mean I have it all together? Hell no. But I can tell you that I’ve come a long way. I want to share with you ideas that I’ve used in my own relationships to make them better, stronger, and healthier.

If you have felt inspired by my posts, go ahead and share them. Let me know what has helped you and in what way. You never know who might have needed those words of wisdom.

Talk with you soon.

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