I first heard about Martin Luther King as a kid back in Canada. People talked about his famous speech and how it had impacted so many people.

When I move to Virginia in 1997 and returned to school, I got to have a more in-depth understanding of him as a person and his vision of the world.

This week is his 50th anniversary of the talk that will change how we see each other. I was inspired to write my own “I Have A Dream” speech for not only stepfamilies but all families alike whether they are same sex, single parent or traditional. We all deserve to be recognized as human beings wanting what is best for our children.

And that is where the challenge lies.  What we see as best for our children may not be the same “best” for other families. We are all unique in our views, perspectives and direction. Most of us at some level strive to live a good life and provide what we think our children need (and not always want they want).

No one is perfect. Being human is a process of learning through experimenting with life. That is the same when it comes to parenting. We are not born to know everything about parenting but experiment through trial and error.

So let me share with you my dream for my family and for all of you.

The Stepfamily’s Dream
I too have a dream, that one day
My family will come together, united as one-
That blood will not be the deciding factor in whether
We are family or not, but the common interest we share
And the love we have for one another.
I too have a dream, that all families will be regarded
To have equal value, free of prejudice, alienation and jealousy.
I too have a dream, that my children and grandchildren will be free
To love all people in a parent role without fear of guilt or shame-
That they see plenty of positive role models on
How to be a loving couple and caring parent.
That is my dream, not only for stepfamilies but all families alike.
Claudette Chenevert
The Stepmom Coach


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