Did you ever say something out of anger and thought that well, it’s just words. It can’t hurt that much. They will have forgotten all about this. This is a video that shows just how much it can hurt….

This is a group that went to high schools in order to stop bullying and discrimination. It is a very powerful exercise to show just how much words hurt. I see this in homes too, between couples, parent and child and siblings. Words have a lasting effect and sometimes we don’t know the extent of the damage it has created.

Before voicing those thoughts out of anger or frustration, take a moment to take a deep breath and see what it is that is really the issue. Are you hurt, frustrated or tired? Do you want to get back for something the other has said? What will you gain out of saying those things? Will it hurt the other person? Why do you want to do this?

Words do have a lasting effect on people. Why not choose ones that will motivate and inspire them. Use words to show your love and appreciation, to boost the other’s self esteem. You will in turn feel the inspiration and love for yourself and create a new world for yourself and your family.


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