Looking for information, advice and support in your stepmom journey? Here are just a few of the many radio shows and interviews that I’ve done or been on that can help you with your journey. 


Looking for information, advice and support in your stepmom journey? Here are just a few of the many radio shows and interviews that I’ve done or been on that can help you with your journey. Come back often as I’ll be updating this page regularly to keep the content fresh and up to date.

“There is no manual on how to come together as a stepfamily.” That may have been true at one time, but not anymore. Everything you are looking for to THRIVE in your relationships, you can find here. Come back often to see what new information I have for you. Better yet, just click the subscribe button and you will never miss another episode again.

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Do You Spy On Your Kids?

With Lisa Honold and Claudette Chenevert 

I’ll admit, I “spied” on our kids while they lived in our home, especially during their teen years. There was nothing fun or exciting about snooping on what our kids did on the internet (which by today’s standards would be seen as primitive), going through their stuff to make sure they weren’t doing anything illegal or immoral. 

This was one area where my husband and I strongly disagreed on whether it was OK for me to spy on our kids or not. And he’s not the only one. Recently, I asked my Facebook followers if they spied on their kids and the responses were from Absolutely to Never and everything in between. 

Now if I changed the word from spying to monitoring, then the response was different. Even my husband was more on board with the thought of monitoring our kids and seeing this as being responsible parents. 

So what’s the difference between spying and monitoring? Lisa and I talk about this in our video and what best tools to use to help you monitor your children without being invasive.

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When Your Stepkids Don’t Love You

Many stepmoms share they wished they had a better relationship with their stepkids but it’s not happening. It can be hard for stepmoms when the stepkids are not interested in creating any type of relationship with them. This can be even more difficult if the stepmom has no support from her spouse or partner. So what’s a stepmom to do?

In this audio, I explains a few reasons your stepkids might not want to bond with you as a stepmom and what you can do to start bridging that gap, one step at a time. I’d love to hear what are some of the struggles you have as a stepmom (or stepdad) and share in the comments below.

We all need some words of hope, inspiration, and wisdom in our lives. I hope this helps you. Looking for more in-depth support with your stepfamily challenges? Check out these programs that will help you make a difference in your life, https://www.stepmomcoach.com/

Want to learn more about who I am? Read my story: https://www.stepmomcoach.com/Claudettestory

Guest Brenda Ockun-Founder and Publisher of Stepmom Magazine. 
How do you handle issues around being a stepmom?  Do you ever ask yourself if all of this is normal or if you are alone in what you are feeling? What is the most important areas to focus on in your steprelationship?

Join me and Brenda Ockun as we talk about some of the common issues stepmoms face and what we can do about it.  Brenda Ockun is the founder and publisher of StepMom Magazine. “Becoming a stepmom was one of the biggest challenges I ever faced.  I created the “how-to” guide I wished I had when I married my husband.  My goal is to provide stepmoms with information and support to help them live happy lives while giving stepfamilies the tools they need to be successful.”

Guest Bernard, Dad and Stepdad
What’s it like for dads and stepdads in the the stepfamily dynamics? Bernard, my husband shared his struggles and successes in a role that was as difficult as mine was.

Guest Annie Fox – Teen Expert and Award Winning Author
Annie’s  topic “My Step-Tween: When to Worry and When Not To” really helped many stepfamilies understand what and what not to worry about.  Annie has been listening and writing about teens and tweens and shared lots of valuable tips for all parents to use.

The Power of Forgiveness and the Peace Process  with Taylor Tagg.  For many people, forgiving is not easy. It can even be a challenge. When we’re hurt, we tend to take a position as to whether it was right or wrong, with you or against you. Forgiveness isn’t about forgetting what happened but more about giving yourself the love you deserve. Not from the person that hurt you but you loving you. Letting go of the emotional attachment is not easy. Taylor Tagg shares with us his PEACE process that we can all use, no matter our circumstances.

Have a comment about this show? Share your thoughts below and I’ll be happy to respond to you. Love this show? Let me know and we’ll be sure to have more shows that will inspire, motivate and encourage you in your life journey. Enjoy.

What is your Temperament with guest Carrie Hoffman

We fall in love, get married, have children and live happily ever after, right? Well, if we were to believe the statistics on first and second marriages, that’s not quite so. Relationships are often harder than people realize and require more work and commitment than expected. Join us as Carrie and Claudette talk about our temperament styles, what they are and how to apply it to our relationships. To find out more about Carrie and her work with couples, kids and temperament, visit her website at www.EmbraceLifeCoach.com

Being a Stylish Stepmom with Guest Heidi Ducato. 

Heidi Ducato, known as the Stylish Stepmom joins me in a conversation about being a stepmom and creating a fulfilling life. You might know her as a contributor to the Stepmom Magazine as the Stylish Stepmom, read her blog post from her website www.stylishstepmom.com or seen her as a regular guest on Fox 23, Great Day Green Country in Tulsa Oklahoma.

But did you know that this stepmom is also Mrs. Oklahoma International 2010 and first runner up for Mrs. International 2010? Heidi has an extensive history in retail, shopping and the fashion industry, which included modeling , hosting and doing commercial work. Heidi is also an advocate for the American Heart Association and is passionate about helping others and giving back. 

To find out more about Heidi and her work, you can go to http://stylishstepmom.com/

Dealing with Adversity with Guest Deborah Parker. 

Deborah L. Parker knows about adversity. Raised by a single mom in a small rural Virginia town, having a stepdad leave the family to fend for themselves, Deborah learned early on that having a dream and a goal along with positive roles models contributed to where she is today. Deborah is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army Reserve and has worked in corporate management positions. She has written for local publications in the Washington DC area such as the Alexandria Old Town Crier, Metro Herald and Washington Afro and is the author of Navigating Life’s Roadways: Stories of Insight from My Odyssey and Inspiration for Your Journey During our call, Deborah shares how to deal with adversities, not only in your steprelationships but in other areas of your life. We talk about looking for commonality, having those crucial conversations and dealing with the outsider syndrome.

Clear Your Clutter and Transform Your Life with Guest Sue Rasmussen

  • Is your life filled with clutter?
  • Are you wondering what to do about it?
  • Do you know the negative effect clutter has on your life?
  • Did you know there are different layers of clutter?
  • Would you like to get rid of clutter once and for all?

Join me as I talk with Sue Rasmussen on getting control of clutter in your home and in your life.  Sue is internationally recognized for showing women how to unclutter their inner and outer lives, let go of what is no longer serving them, and make room for what really matters. 

Adoption! Is is possible for stepchildren? Guest Abrielle Anderson.

Adoption.  What if we want to adopt our stepchildren? What do we need to know or do in order for this to happen? Is this the best approach to take with our stepkids?  Join me today as Abrielle Anderson,Esq and I discuss why we would consider adoption of our stepkids, what we need to know before we get started and the steps to take. For more information on adoption and on Abrielle Anderson, visit Abrielle at: www.abandersonlaw.com  She also is on Twitter at: Twitter: @Adopt_Law

Reigniting your Relationship after the new Baby with guest Rhona Berens. 
Join me this week as I talk with Rhona Berens, Parent Coach. Rhona specializes in helping parents (new and veteran) help them maintain and/or reignite their relationship satisfaction after they have kids. We’ll discuss some of the challenges parents and stepparents face when they decide to have an “our” child and ways to keep the couple relationship strong. For more information about Rhona Berens and her work with couples with young kids, go to www.parentalliance.com

Guest Christina Hines-Author of “Navigational Skills for Stepfamilies”
Would you know how to get from one side of the country to the next if you didn’t have a GPS? Maybe. It would take a while for you to get there with lots of twists and turns and maybe some dead ends. Why then do we think we can create stepfamilies with little or no guidelines? This is what we’re discussing in this show. Christina has been in various stepmom roles in the last 23 years and shares her wisdom and part of her book during our talk.

Guest Brian King- Autism Spectrum Mentor.
Brian’s motto:  “I am defined by my dreams and my commitment to achieving them and not by any label that tries to tell me otherwise.” Brian, diagnose with Autism and well as his three sons knows what he’s talking about. He second wife, a stepmom to the boys have helped them to become better persons. Listen to Brian’s story and what he does to help those on the Autism Spectrum.

Guest Jodi Sleeper-Triplett – ADHD Youth Coaching and Coach Trainer
Jodi discussed with me the fundamentals of ADHD and how coaching helps manage related difficulties, why structure, support and accountability is important for individuals and families with ADHD and how parents can use a coaching approach to get their kids to connect with them.  Lots of great useful information and resources.

Guest Sue Ann Gleason – Nourishment Counselor and author
OK. So now that you’ve eaten so much that you can hardly button up your pants (I know, that’s the case for me) let’s talk about how food can really mess up our energy and what we can do to make it better. Sue Ann even shared a great recipe, free.  A Guild Free Chocolate Truffle.  MMMMmmm.

Guest Heather Hetchler – CafeSmom
Holidays can be a really difficult time of the year for many. Heather, a mom and stepmom shared her tips and suggestion on ways to get through without loosing your sanity. She also co-authored a book with another stepmom coach Gayla Grace. Take a moment to listen to some great words of wisdom being shared by two moms/stepmoms around the holidays.

Guest Debra Beck – Author “My Feet Aren’t Ugly”

Debra Beck, author and mentor for teen girls and their parents discussed the importance of building self-esteem and a strong sense of self in today’s young girls. We shared issues around how teens feel uncomfortable to communicate with their parents and ways to deal with that. If you have teen girls, this is a great show to listen to and share.

Guest Judy H. Wright – Parent Educator and Author
What great information Judy shared with us around house rules and chores and helping our kids become more resilient. Judy’s newest book Out of Balance?: Be a Bounce Back Person provides the tools we all need as parents. Judy’s safe and non-judgement approach made having her a real gem.

Guest Barb Desmarais – The Parenting Coach
As a stepmom to deaf twin boys, Barb knows first hand what it’s like to deal with challenges.  We talked about the holidays and striving to create memories that we would enjoy looking back later in life. We touched on the topic of why kids misbehaved and what we can do about it.  Great resource in learning to deal with difficult children.

Let’s Raise Our Glasses To The New Year
Yep! It’s me. Sharing some thoughts and ideas around the coming new year.  Take a moment to enjoy and plan a wonderful 2012.

Guest Linday Yellin – The Last Blind Date
Author Linda Yellin spent most of her responsible adult years writing advertising in Chicago for shampoos, cheese, yogurt and burgers. Then she fell in love, got married, and moved to New York, going through as many changes as a person possibly can without entering the Federal Witness Protection Program.  Linda shared what it was like to be a stepmom and shared bits from her book.

Guest Jackie Fosckett- Stress and Hypnotherapy
Jackie Foskett is a Stress Relief, HypnoBirthing Coach and Hypnotherapist. As a dental hygienest, Jackie knows first hand how stress affects our response to pain. During our call, Jackie explained what hypnotherapy was and wasn’t, how hypnosis helped for stress relief and what else hypnotherapy was good for and why. We even experienced a short hypno session during the call. What a wonderful feeling we got at the end of the call. Lots of great useful info.

Guest Michelle Larson of Bliss-Sisters.com 
Michelle Larson, the founder of Bliss Sisters loves to support women in gaining greater clarity to their life’s purpose…to dissolve obstacles that restrict the flow of awareness. During our call, Michelle shared why she started Bliss Sisters and what it is, and advice for women who are struggling with finding bliss in their lives.  She also shared bits about her new book “Unbreakable Spirit” with Lisa Nichols.

7 Habits to Building Your Confidence
On this episode, you’ll hear how other successful stepparent navigate through the challenges of life, using these 7 habits to build their confidence. You know that in order to thrive and be successful, self-confidence plays an important role. Don’t leave it to chance. Join me as I share with you great tips and strategies that will build your confidence and  take you from surviving to THRIVING, one STEP at a time. Make sure to have pen and paper as we start building confidence in you and strengthen your relationships.

Are You A Risk Taker?
We create the life we desire by taking risks, not by sitting on the sidelines or blaming others for our failures. Learn what it takes to make it happen. During our 30 minutes together, I’ll share with you some great tips and strategies that you can do immediately.  Make sure to have pen and paper as we start to create great relationships together.

The Stepmom Coach Answers Your Questions 
This is a show that you really want to listen close, because, you never know if your question will come up or not. The only way to create the kind of relationship is to start to do something different.  If you keep doing the same things over and over, you’re going to stay in the same place. This is true even if you ever decide to leave the relationship. Change comes from within, not from others. 

Do You Know Where You Are Going, part 2?
On this episode, I share with you Part 2 of the importance of creating a vision for your family.

  • Ever wonder how the most successful stepmoms seem to achieve everything they set their minds to?
  • Appear to always be doing what it is they love and enjoy their families?
  • Look so calm and confident?
  • Fulfill their dreams, passions and vision of creating a happy stepfamily?

During our 30-40 minutes together, I’ll review some of the reasons for creating a powerful vision and goal for yourself and your family and continue and creating some action steps to get you from Surviving to THRIVING, one STEP at a time.

Remember to check out Do You  Know Where You Are Going Part 1 to hear what questions you need to ask yourself to create that relationship you’ve been dreaming of.

Do you Know Where You Are Going?
Join me on this episode as I share with you the importance of creating a vision for your family.

  • Ever wonder how the most successful stepmoms seem to achieve everything they set their minds to?
  • Appear to always be doing what it is they love and enjoy their families?
  • Look so calm and confident?
  • Fulfill their dreams, passions and vision of creating a happy stepfamily?

During our 30 minutes together, I’ll share with you some great tips and strategies that you can do immediately.  Make sure to have pen and paper as we start to create great relationships together.

Celebrating National Stepfamily Day
I’ll be talking about ways to celebrate National Stepfamily Day. Christy Tusing-Borgeld is the Founder of this great movement.  What are your plans for that day? Here is the Stepfamily Day Foundation Mission: “Is enhanced by our strong commitment to support the stepfamilies of our nation in their mission to raise their children, create strong family structures to support the individual members of the family, instill in them a sense of responsibility to all extended family members.” Stepfamilies are created on a daily basis. It’s not always easy and at times we wonder why bother. Join me as I share with you ways to strengthen your family, to transform your relationships from Surviving to THRIVING, one STEP at a time.

Honoring stepmoms that have made a difference in our lives
Claudette Chenevert, The Stepmom Coach will talk about being a stepmom and what her purpose for this platform will be.
Be sure to join us live and share your comments.