Guest Brenda Ockun-Founder and Publisher of Stepmom Magazine

 Guest Brenda Ockun-Founder and Publisher of Stepmom Magazine. 

How do you handle issues around being a stepmom?  Do you ever ask yourself if all of this is normal or if you are alone in what you are feeling? What is the most important areas to focus on in your steprelationship?

Join me and Brenda Ockun as we talk about some of the common issues stepmoms face and what we can do about it.  Brenda Ockun is the founder and publisher of StepMom Magazine. “Becoming a stepmom was one of the biggest challenges I ever faced.  I created the “how-to” guide I wished I had when I married my husband.  My goal is to provide stepmoms with information and support to help them live happy lives while giving stepfamilies the tools they need to be successful.”

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