Love Is In The Air
Ah, Valentine’s Day. For some, it’s a day to be showered with love, but for many, it’s a dreaded day. High expectations around gift giving can have us forget that little things can make an immense difference.

Take for example, a smile. What could be more simple than a smile yet the power it has can turn a crappy day into magic. I remember when my son was about 2; he’d come to my room with such a big smile that it made my day, no matter what happened next.

When we give and share of ourselves, we are giving something that no one else can. Our time and our attention. In today’s world, those are more precious than gold or diamonds. Put your electronic devises aside for a few hours and talk about what is relevant to both of you. That is one priceless gift.

Sending a note to a friend, saying to them just how much they mean to you can make a difference in how the rest of the day turns out.

Simplicity is often well received.

Brene Brown wrote a lovely post today about sharing and vulnerability. It’s worth taking a moment to read the post and even share it with others. It could makea commercialized day less about how much it costs and more about how much time you spent with those you love..

Here is another place where you can get inspiration on what to do for Valentine’s Day.

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