You and your significant other love each other very much. You are planning on building a life together and want the kids to be on board. As a potential new stepparent, you want the kids to like you therefor engage with them more as a friend instead of a parent.

But how do you transition from being a friend and having fun to a parent in a disciplinarian role?

This is hard for many stepparents, especially if  you plan on being the one staying at home.

Here are a few tips to help you:

  1. Come together as a team. Establish what your household will look like/
  2. Decide early one who will do what in the home.
  3. What will be your role in the home? What’s expected of you? Are you to be an active participant or someone who supports your partner?
  4. Examine what your idea or perspective on parenting is and does it match your partner’s?

If you are the new person coming into the relationship, it’s best to start by observing what’s going on in the family first before passing judgement and telling the other what they are doing wrong.

To find out what else I shared about disciplining as a stepparent, listen to the rest of this video.

Want more support for your stepfamily? I’d love to help you.

The best way is for you and I to set up a time on the phone (or Skype) where I can really help you uncover what’s the issue and how I can help you. There is no obligation on your part except to show up.

If this sounds like something you’d like to spend time with me doing,then click this link Claudette’s schedule. This will bring you to my calendar where you’ll be able to set up a time to talk with me that fits both our schedule.

Remember, change happens in small increments but you also need to know where to start and what to work on that will make a difference in your relationships.

To learn more about what I do and ways I can help you improve your relationships in your stepfamily, go to

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