It’s Friday and that means it’s the end of the week.

Maybe your week didn’t start off as awesome as you hoped it would. It can be discouraging.
I heard from someone close to me that things weren’t going too well and it was hard, REALLY HARD!

Here is what I shared: “True, there are times when all we are looking for is a break, something fun, exciting and wonderful to happen to us. When we focus on what’s not going well in our lives, that’s what we get. On the other hand, when we look for the bright side, for what is going well, things change. Today is a great day!”

When I started writing my “successes” in my journal, I noticed a shift in my life. I was happier, I felt appreciated, I attracted more positiveness in my world.

Start with something very small in your day, like noticing the beautiful sunrise or sunset and taking it in. And if it rains, notice how the plants are greener because of the water they are getting. Look for the smile in others rather than a sour face. Realize that the person next to you has something special to give you and appreciate that.

It’s Friday and it’s the end of the week. Make it an amazing day.

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