Family Day

I often share my thoughts and ideas around being a mom and stepmom, but today, I want to recognize the dads and stepdads that are an important part of our lives. Without them, we wouldn’t be who we are. We chose these men to be a part of our lives, to love us, to take care of us and to protect us as well as be our companions, lovers and friends.

Father’s day means to take a moment and give our thanks to our men, for being our husbands, partners, boyfriends as well as being dads and stepdads. And for those of us who have sons and sons-in-laws who are also dads, we need to remind them that they are doing a very important job.

There is more to being a dad than simply being a biological parent. (Step)fathers [like (step)mothers] are important role models to the children they interact with whether it’s on a daily basis or every other weekend. Children learn through observing what the adults around them do and say. Just look at how toddlers imitate those who surround them. Children are like sponges. They absorb what they see and often, will incorporate that into their lives. The role of Father is more than just providing for and protecting his family. His job is to lead by example.

I often hear that we don’t have enough positive role models in the world. I say, it starts with you. You decide if you want to be that role model for your children. What is the legacy you want to leave behind for them? Do you want your kids to remember you as a dad that was there for them when they had school recitals or soccer games? Do you want to be the dad that never gave up seeing them as often as possible and being an active part of their lives? Do you want to be a dad that your daughter looks up to and seeks a partner with similar values to yours, or a dad whose son prides himself as being a good provider for his family because he’s seen you do it?

As the women in these men’s lives, we need to acknowledge, support, and praise them whenever they are doing well. We all love recognition, in one form or another. Let today be the start (or continuation) of telling the dads that we’re proud of them.

Thank you to all the dads that are in our lives who make it richer and fuller. This is your day. Happy Father’s Day.

Claudette Chenevert, author and sought-after Stepmom coach, has lived in your shoes as a mom and stepmom. She’s been there and done that and now teaches other women on what NOT to do in stepfamily relationships. Download your free audio “3 Biggest Mistakes Stepfamilies Make” at

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