Support is needed whenever we need to keep our heads above water during challenging moments, no matter what we do or who we are. Stepmom coaches, blogger, writers and other professionals in this field are no exceptions.

Over the summer, Anna de Acosta got together with Sarah Paterson and asked a group of stepmoms (Aimee Allen, Brenda Ockun, Beth McDonough and myself) to get together to network in Toronto.

In my twelve years experience as a stepmom coach, this was one of the most uplifting and energizing events I’ve been to.

During an amazing lunch organized by Sarah, we enjoyed listening and sharing our experiences in our various field of helping stepmoms. We laughed, we cried, we vented. It was an amazing feeling to be able to openly share our personal and professional struggles with others that got us.                 A common thread for all of us was the feeling that being stepmoms and living different stepfamily challenges left us feeling alone in our work, wondering if what we were doing was worth it. We often wonder if any other coach, blogger, or writer ever feels overwhelmed and exhausted. The answer? YES!

Social media, online groups and posts are a nice way to connect with others in our field or sharing our life experiences. It’s totally different getting together and sharing a personal experience with other like minded women.

My take away from my one day event in meeting with Beth McDonough of The Babbling Blonde, Anna de Acosta of The Mindful Stepmom, Brenda Ockun of The Stepmom Magazine, Sarah Paterson of The Social Stepmom and Aimee Allen of The Happy Stepmom was the feeling that we’re not alone and together, we can make a difference.

Sharing a few snapshots of our time together.





  1. Anna

    Thanks so much for joining us Claudette, your contribution was priceless

    • StepmomCoach

      Anna, it was a pleasure to meet you and all the other wonderful and amazing stepmoms at this event. It’s one thing to read and share posts and pictures of other stepmoms that we connect with and admire. It’s a totally different dynamics when we come together face-to-face and deepen that connection.

      I look forward in us getting together again in the future and having more stepmoms join us.

      Thank you to you and Sarah for creating and hosting this event.

    • StepmomCoach

      Thanks Lorraine. We stepmoms so need to support one another. I look forward to future events of this type.

  2. Heather

    Getting together with like minded people for support and ideas is always helpful. I’m glad you came away from it feeling you can make a difference.

    • StepmomCoach

      Thank you Heather. Everyone can benefit in getting together and sharing their journey. For us, I feel it was very beneficial in knowing we weren’t alone in our journey.

  3. Leila

    Wonderful! Nothing beats a face to face connection.
    We belong to communities with strong people that are there to remind us, it’s going to be ok, you can hang in there.
    So glad this worked for you

    • StepmomCoach

      Thank you Leila. I agree that face to face gives you extra insights into the person you’re talking with. We all need positive reminders of why we do what we do.

  4. Jill Celeste

    This sounds like a wonderful, encouraging and sacred event. I hope you wonderful stepmoms will gather together more in the future!

    • StepmomCoach

      Jill, our goal is to encourage other stepmoms to come together to share their stories and find comfort in the struggles they face. It’s also wonderful to hear success stories, of stepfamilies that are enjoying spending time together and receiving tips and advice on what’s working and what’s not. We definitely hope and plan on more get-togethers so that women know they are not alone and have a sisterhood of stepmoms there to support them.

  5. Barb Parcells

    I was a step mom for 11 years and it taught me how to be a better all-around mom, both to my own two daughters, and to my stepson. I think it is so important that we approach step-parenting with all the love and tools that are available.

    • StepmomCoach

      I’m with you Barb. Being a stepmom has taught me a lot about parenting as well to my son. I’ve learned to listen even when I wasn’t always willing to. I’m still learning to suspend judgement (still a work in progress) among other things. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Vatsala Shukla

    I loved the photos and seeing a super support group of stepmom coaches enjoying themselves. We all benefit from having a community of like-minded people.

    • StepmomCoach

      Thank you Vatsala. When we come together with the purpose of what can we do to make this community a better place for other stepmoms, not only do stepfamilies win but all families alike.

  7. Lisa Hutchison

    Social media is great, although nothing replaces the energy of being in person. Getting together and sharing is a wonderful way of giving and receiving support. You are never alone! Thanks for sharing your experiences Claudette.

    • StepmomCoach

      Lisa, agreed that social media has it’s place in relationship. It should not replace the power of connecting in person though. It’s a great feeling that we are never alone. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  8. Debra Oakland

    What a wonderful and inspiring group. When we connect with people going through a similar experience our perspective and wisdom is enhanced greatly. Thank you for sharing your event Claudette!

    • StepmomCoach

      You’re welcome Debra. I love being in community of like minded women, sharing our stories around being stepmoms. We can learn so much from one another.

  9. Meghan Humlie

    What a wonderful opportunity to support one another and to break through the isolation. Good for all of you! I hope this group continues and inpires similar opportunities for healing.

    • StepmomCoach

      Thank you Meghan. Coming together with other stepmoms that help stepmoms helped us to confirm our mission and relieved that we’re not alone with some of our challenges. We can do so much more together.

  10. Kelley Grimes

    How wonderful! I am so blessed that one of my mother-in-laws is my husband’s stepmom who has taught us all so much about unconditional love and commitment to family. I am deeply grateful for her!

    • StepmomCoach

      OH WOW Kelley. Thank you for sharing such a positive story. Too often, what we hear about stepmoms are how they are mean and selfish to their stepkids. How refreshing to hear that your MIL is such a positive influence and role model to all. Appreciate your comment.

  11. Candess Campbell

    What a beautiful luncheon! I am so delighted that you are supporting women who are stepmoms. This is a niche that definitely needs support. As a therapist, I am so aware of triangulation that blunts the ability to communicate clearly and be supportive. You and the amazing women at this table are pioneers in blended families!

    • StepmomCoach

      Thanks Candess. I love my work. It’s what I wish I had earlier on as a stepmom. Today’s stepmoms have more resources available to them than ever. Communication is an ever growing problem, one that needs extra attention for sure.

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