“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen
or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.”
— Heller Keller

A First for Stepmom Coaches, Bloggers and Writers

Support is needed whenever we need to keep our heads above water during challenging moments, no matter what we do or who we are. Stepmom coaches, blogger, writers and other professionals in this field are no exceptions. Over the summer, Anna de...

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It’s Time To Let Go of Negative People. Here’s How.

Are you a stepmom who holds on to all the negative things the ex or stepkids say and think about you? Even when you know that holding on to negativity makes you miserable? It’s time you learn to let go of the negative people in your life. Here’s how. One...

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7 Signs You Might Be Abandoning Your True Self

Watch any romantic comedy and you’ll see the main characters lost in each other, daydreaming about how wonderful s/he is, letting go of things and people that mattered to them, looking for ways to please or impress their new-found love. In...

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Celebrating National Stepfamily Day

When Christy Tusing Borgeld decided to start National Stepfamily Day in 1997, I don’t think she realized the impact she would have on the people that became stepfamilies. She helped to bring us out of the shadows and to shine, to show that there are great people that become stepparents every single day.

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My Husband Won’t Listen To Me

Men and women are different, especially in how they talk to each other and about issues that concern them. Listen to what Alison Armstrong shares about men and women interacting with each other.

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